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The Shipping function of the WoodWare System provides maximum efficiency in tracking deliveries ready for billing. Entire orders may be shipped complete with only a few keystrokes. Only the items not shipped as ordered require special attention. Several days' shipping can be released in a single invoice run, or can be split into multiple invoice runs by shipping date. Our pre-invoicing report allows you to review all items prior to billing to ensure the integrity of margins and to spotlight any items not meeting specified gross profit goals. The RF Barcode Shipping module further simplifies and automates this process.

INVOICING (including Contract Billing)
The Invoicing module offers a variety of formats with clear, explicit user-defined product descriptions. Pricing can be rendered on a Net or Gross less discount basis. Daily reports print your defined product categories by customer, giving you a quick reference on what your customers are buying. During Invoicing, a number of functions are updated automatically by the system, including the General Ledger. Backorders can be generated prior to invoicing in WoodWare. Another advantage provided by the Invoicing application is the ability to reprint invoices from history (which can be faxed directly from the system to your customer). In addition, you can pull invoice information directly from the invoice history files to more accurately and efficiently issue credits. WoodWare's contract billing module is designed to handle "contract billing", "percentage billing", "completion billing", or "draw billing" often associated with multi-family residential or commercial accounts. However, there may be limitations in this module that do not provide a solution for every aspect of this type of business model. (If Contract Billing is how you invoice, please bring it to the attention of your WoodWare sales representative.)
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