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The WoodWare System is widely recognized as the best software available for Order Entry in the millwork industry.

The SALES ORDER ENTRY module gives you thorough customer information and inventory control. WoodWare provides multiple levels of detailed discounting and unlimited trade discounts, along with quantity breaks on several different levels. Credit information is verified instantly at the time of Order Entry. WoodWare’s credit controls help protect you from potentially risky sales. “Hot-Key” inquiries are available to quickly look up information on product availability, pricing, purchase orders, customer orders, historical order information, and more.

Tremendous advantages can also be gained from the numerous options available at Order Entry. Restocking charges, freight charges, deposits or other downpayments on orders, along with a wide variety of other customer-defined options can be set up and selected as orders are entered. These amounts are then calculated automatically by the system. You may also provide on-screen messages for each individual customer account. If you require a purchase order number to be provided for placing an order with you, our software can be set to require one.

WoodWare's Prompted Order Entry allows order entry personnel or sales reps to enter an order line by selecting from pre-established sets of descriptive choices, which are made available on a menu-driven screen. Selections are made sequentially until the entire line has been built. This allows for a more structured order entry process, while lessening the possibility of errors.
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