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WoodWare's PRODUCTION SCHEDULING module gives distributors numerous advantages in effectively and efficiently managing their shop operations. From the point of Order Entry, the User can easily determine when an order should be produced. This gives you the flexibility to move tasks to more available blocks of time in the production schedule.

This schedule allows for user-defined parameters such as plant and labor capacity, and adjusts the availability dates of production based on these parameters and order demand. When used in conjunction with WoodWare's cross-docking software, if some component parts of the product must be purchased, the system factors in the arrival dates of the purchased item to arrive at the ultimate schedule date. As changes to the sales order occur, or as other factors change, the User has the capability to shift the production schedule to reflect these changes.

The production schedule can be triggered in several different ways. The system can use a "first available" date to produce the items based on the earliest date possible for the product to be assembled. Another option is for the schedule to be based on a requested date from the customer, and "worked in" to the overall schedule. Further, you have the capability to prioritize and re-shuffle the orders based on your company or customer priorities.

Production scheduling information is available both in printed form and on-screen. As the schedule date for a particular line item is established, this information updates the sales order entry line on-screen, making it very easy to access the availability information. When utilized with WoodWare's purchasing and inventory management modules, the production scheduling module assists WoodWare Users in overall resource planning.
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