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The key word that describes the WoodWare Systems GENERAL LEDGER module is flexibility. The User may have a non-standard number of periods in the year, such as eleven or thirteen, and fiscal years can be set to mimic your company’s business year, whether on a calendar year or otherwise. The system retains two full years of detail information. Within those two years you can post to any period, giving you the ability to re-post periods and move balances forward, also allowing you to print journals to provide a proper audit trail. You can prepare year-end numbers without being pushed for time or having to endure inconvenient re-loads of old periods.

The General Ledger is filled with controls which help you avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes. Journals cannot be posted out of balance, and in the event that out of balance amounts occur, the system gives you informational messages which allow you to easily find and correct errors. Periods may not be closed with unposted journals. Statements are generated from an easy-to-use report writer specific to the General Ledger. Columns and rows can be created with a variety of information including size specifications, values, and custom headings, giving you the flexibility to design your own balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss statements, and cash flow reports.
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