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The BID/QUOTE PROCESSING module allows you to enter bid information with ease, store for later rollover into Sales Order Entry, or easily modify bids should the requirements of your customer change. By maintaining a master file of bids, you have the option to use any of your bids multiple times, store bids as separate files, or use existing bids as “models” to create new bids. This saves considerable data entry time. Our Auto-Fax capabilities allow you to fax bids directly from any terminal to your customer, providing even more time savings for you.

The many options included in Bid Processing allow you to tailor the system to meet your specific requirements. For example, you may subtotal your bids by section, incorporate suppression of unit prices and price extensions, free-form terms and conditions, or place individual comments on each bid.

Bid modifications are streamlined with a Global Change option which allows a single change (i.e., glazing or category) to apply to the entire bid without re-keying. For example, a customer wants all doors quoted with solid/clear jambs. He then wants the job re-quoted with Fingerjoint jambs. Our Global Change option allows you to make one change (to Fingerjoint jambs) and all products are re-quoted automatically. These Global Change options also allow the automatic re-calculation of discounts and markup percentages.
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