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The WoodWare WebConnect™ Modules include the following:
  • Customer and Sales Rep Inquiries and Look-ups (“Inquiry Module”)
  • Quoting and Ordering for Standard Products
  • Quoting and Ordering for Configured Products
  • Wireless Notebook/Tablet PC Modules for Job Site Connectivity (individual modules for: inquiries, standard product quoting & ordering, and configured product quoting and ordering)

    These modules all utilize the Cache relational database and the WoodWare database interface module. Depending on the individual CPU setup for each customer, an additional small PC server may be required for using the database and WebConnect™ modules. All issues such as internet connectivity, firewall protection, and other web related issues are the responsibility of each customer.

  • WebConnect™ Inquiry Module
    The WebConnect™ Inquiry Module provides the convenience that many of your customers may be seeking, as they will be able to quickly and efficiently look up password-protected information on-line instead of having to call your customer service desk. This also allows your customer service staff to work more efficiently with a smaller call volume from your customers, whose simple questions can now be answered with a few clicks of the mouse. As well, your outside sales reps will be able to use the internet to look up even more extensive information such as customer payment history and other details which will help them to work more efficiently and give them more time to hopefully sell more products. The use of Crystal Reports provides even more useful information to help them serve your customers better.

    WebConnect™ Standard Product Quoting and Ordering Module
    With the WebConnect™ Standard Product Quoting and Ordering Module, your customers will be able to select various options to filter or narrow down their on-line search at your site to those products they are looking for.

    Your customers (or outside reps) will then be able to get a quote using their individual customer pricing and discounts, and then convert this to a sales order which is integrated into your main WoodWare System order entry module. At that point, regular credit controls and other standard system features come into play for your benefit. You’ll be able to grow your sales and make it very simple and easy for your customers to place orders on-line. Industry studies have shown that input errors and the overall cost per order drop significantly when orders are processed electronically and on-line compared to standard data entry. Furthermore, you are making it easier for your customers to do business with you, which helps lead to greater customer loyalty and higher sales.

    Other WebConnect™ Modules
    Other modules to come include a configuration quoting and ordering module, plus other modules planned for 2005 and beyond. These include wireless modules for inquiries, standard quoting and ordering, and configuration quoting and ordering. Pricing for these modules will be developed as the other modules are ready for release. Please note that customers are strongly advised to have an appropriate firewall and internet security before using these web modules.
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