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RF and RFID Solutions for Warehouse Management (WMS) and Product Tracking
   You’re on a mission to cut costs, eliminate waste, and seek out greater profitability! WoodWare WMS is the solution to help you do it, using RF technology to provide exact tracking of your products and information – at the receiving docks, through put-away, picking, cross-docking, production, staging, loading, shipping, cycle counts, management reporting, and more. Throughout your warehouse or wherever you store and handle products, WoodWare WMS tracks it for you. WoodWare WMS is the best warehouse management system available today for distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and others that need up to the minute product tracking.
   Every time you touch it, move it, or do anything with it, you are scanning the products so that with a quick inquiry into WoodWare WMS, you know exactly how much of every product you have, where it is in your facility, and who handled it. Special orders are easily tracked and located saving you a tremendous amount of time and money.
    WoodWare WMS utilizes the latest product tracking technology including Radio Frequency (RF) barcode scanners and wireless technology. This technology application provides one of the most immediate and quantifiable ways to cut costs in your operation
    If you’re not using WoodWare WMS to handle your product tracking, you’re spending too much money on manual tracking, updating, errors, and misplaced products and information. Our technology in the warehouse is designed to save you money and make you more efficient and profitable.
    The cost savings are staggering, and they make WoodWare WMS software and warehousing technology one of the most favored technology solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and third party logistics operations. The ROI payback for warehouseXT is often just a few months from the time you start to use it throughout your facility.

   WoodWare WMS utilizes wireless portable hand-held Radio Frequency (RF) devices to scan and input data, and to track product movement throughout your facility. The use of barcoded labels for inventory items, bin and aisle locations, carts, forklifts, etc. make it easy to track products from the moment they are received and at every “touch” point in your warehouse, production lines, staging and shipping areas.
    One of the most frequently asked questions about RF technology concerns the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and whether the investment is worth it. RFID is a technology that utilizes tiny computer microchips. These chips, or RFID “tags”, act as transponders (transmitters/responders), which are “listening” for radio signals sent by RFID readers. The RFID tag responds by transmitting its own unique ID code back to the RFID reader. So, the product with the RFID tag on it or in it can be identified without a person having to scan it, without a barcode label which might tear or have a smudge over the barcode, and immediately update the main computer system. The cost of RFID technology has also dropped significantly over the last decade.

   WoodWare WMS is designed to work with the leading brands of barcode scanners, thermal label printers, RF access points, RFID equipment, and more. WoodWare is a Value-Added Reseller of Intermec equipment, but can work with most other major equipment suppliers to provide a complete solution for your warehouse facility. Contact your WoodWare sales team for pricing and specifications on the right equipment for your facility.

   Since 1990, DCC has been involved in integrated barcoding and Automated Data Collection through its software application divisions.
    In 1999, DCC introduced RF Data Collection to the 3PL (third party logistics) market with solutions for the warehousing and logistics industry (companies storing and handling agricultural chemicals and other related products). DCC brought WoodWare WMS to the window, door, and millwork distribution and manufacturing segment in 2003, working with multiple branch distributors of these products as a full-blown Warehouse Management System. In all these industries, DCC provided integration to ERP systems already in place, with the customers using WoodWare WMS to handle all product tracking from the point of product receipt throughout the warehouse. Today WoodWare WMS solutions are available to handle virtually any product tracking need, whether a traditional warehouse or manufacturing production facility where product tracking is needed, with current development expanding to companies and industries with outdoor "warehouses" where RFID is the key to product tracking.

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