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Today’s economy demands that you boost productivity, create a more efficient environment and reduce costs. WoodWare’s DOCXT is the technology to help you make that happen. Unfortunately, mistakes are made with vital records, documents, and other files all the time. DOCXT is designed to help eliminate that headache from your company. DOCXT provides the ability to scan and retrieve your valuable documents/files in a secure and user -friendly system. It will give your company the freedom to access any type of document at the click of a button. DOCXT is a solution that will help your office become more organized and efficient.

DOCXT, in concert with WoodWare’s n-Form- IT, automatically “tags” picking tickets, invoices, statements, etc. that are created in WoodWare. When a customer calls your support desk, all of their information is instantly available, saving valuable time and improving your customer’s experience. Other information such as faxed orders and handwritten notes can easily be scanned and quickly tagged to existing information.

DOCXT is THE most powerful and flexible system for the storing and retrieval of your critical data. DOCXT allows you to Tag and store practically any type of file (audio, video, pictures, word, excel, etc.) so that multiple types of files can be “tagged” together. For example a job site picture can be tagged and stored with the normal sales file information. When you select the file, DOCXT automatically locates the native program for that file so the information can be viewed and utilized.

Eliminate the worry of lost information and the frustration of looking for misplaced files and documents. DOCXT is a Green technology that gives you a competitive advantage by getting rid of paper waste, lowering storage costs and allowing instant access to information locally and via the Internet. Studies show that 15% of documents at any given time are lost or misplaced, and that half of those are permanently lost. Add in the fact that 25% of your staff’s time is spent looking for documents, the inefficiency and hard costs accumulate.

DOCXT utilizes Virtual Tag and Location Technology™ which means you only have one instance of a document or file stored securely in the database and then assign as many identifying “Virtual Tags” as are necessary so that the document can be easily located by anyone in the office that has authorized access. Virtual Tags can be updated and added if the needs change.

For example, your sales department receives a complex order from one of your customers. The original documents from the customer are scanned and “tagged” with their normal identifiers (i.e. Customer Name, Customer Number, Order Number, Order Date, Sales Rep). The purchasing department may also need a copy of one of the customer created documents to attach to the purchase order file they are dealing with to insure they are ordering the correct items. An authorized user, simply locates the customer file by its tag information and adds a Purchase Order Number tag that then ties that document back to the purchasing file. At the click of a button, the purchasing agent can access that valuable information along with their normal purchasing files. All of your information is stored within the database and access is strictly password controlled. This means that there is no visibility of your files from outside the system.

DOCXT can also provide a very quick and accurate method of input utilizing XT Scan Tag Codes. XT Scan Tag Codes are machine (scanner) readable codes that can be printed on forms such as delivery tickets, that once completed are simply placed in the office scanner and then automatically stored in DOCXT with proper Tag Codes. Improve Customer Service! Today’s economy demands that we all do more work with fewer resources. DOCXT has an elegantly simple design which means training can be accomplished quickly so that your organization can immediately begin taking advantage of the many benefits. Disaster Recovery is also a topic of major concern today. You have the ability to back up your DOCXT data for off-site storage. WoodWare will soon be offering an on-line back service for both the WoodWare and DOCXT data files. DOCXT – Images worth keeping!
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