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DeepSee – Embedded Real Time Business Intelligence

Imagine, all your data in one place, functioning together in real-time and allowing you to…

  • Connect Decision Makers With Information They Need
  • Elevate Your Customer Service
  • Optimize Organizational Performance
The Woodware Business Intelligence Module is specifically designed to provide real-time access to live data from WoodWare as well as your other business systems, without the cumbersome and costly need to maintain data warehouses.

EMBEDDED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE    Most BI systems rely on an external data warehouse, with its cumbersome Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process and the requisite delays. The result is out-of-date data, with twice the servers, resources, and support load. With DeepSee, the business analytics data is an integral part of the WoodWare database system, updated in synch with the transaction processing data.

  • BI tool that is embedded into the database
  • Integral part of the WoodWare database
  • Provides real-time information
  • Elevates your customer service
  • Connects decision-makers with information they need
  • Optimizes organizational performance
  • No Data Warehousing!
OPTIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES   Embedded BI helps you optimize your business processes. With DeepSee, the real-time view of your company’s data allows you to identify trends, find and correct inefficiencies, and spot opportunities for savings. Delight customers with the answers they need and the service they deserve.

Click Here to explore case studies on how DeepSee is being utilized to drive business value.

RUN THE BUSINESS BETTER    Don’t just run your business, run your business BETTER! Replace reactive reports with immediate analytics. Drive decision-making to the point-of-action with Embedded Business Intelligence.
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