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WOODWARE SYSTEMS is the only software company with an exclusive focus on door, window, and millwork distributors and manufacturers. For more than 20 years, WoodWare has been widely recognized as the millwork industry's software and technology leader.
    WoodWare Systems started in 1983 when a millwork distributor based in Memphis, Tennessee began looking for a way to better serve its customers. WoodWare started with a millwork focus as part of this company, and has maintained an exclusive emphasis on companies that pre-hang doors, mull windows, and sell other millwork products. As a growing number of window distributors and dealers now sell special-order windows, WoodWare has developed catalog interfaces to many major window manufacturers' catalogs (please check with the WoodWare sales team for more details and the specific window lines). Our software solutions are the only ones designed specifically for the millwork industry.
    One of the driving forces behind the development of the WoodWare System was the complexity of building records for door and window units in computer software applications. In the early 1980s, the only software applications available for these door and window configurations was a standard Bill of Materials approach, with one Part Number and one Bill of Materials for every combination of options. Even today, other software companies selling to the millwork industry offer only a Bill of Materials or kitting approach. There is a better solution: WoodWare's Var-I-Frame™ Product Configurator!
    Whether your millwork company is a one-stepper who sells primarily to builders and contractors or a two-step millwork distributor that sells mainly to dealers and retailers, WoodWare has the best software solutions for you.
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